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Why Should I Upgrade my Wix Popify Plan?

Using Popify's free trial plan, you'll only be able to experience how Popify works for a limited time. However, if you upgrade your account and subscribe to a premium plan, then not only it will give your branding an extra boost with unlimited custom design options, it will also help you generate more sales.

Here's why you should upgrade:


Premium plan

Credits (unique customers views)

5000 - 600k 
unique visitors views per month 
(More views = More potential customers seeing your popups)

You can also contact us for a custom plan

Active Popups

Unlimited active popups

Showing unlimited popup types will allow you to create popups with different placements at your store (For example, a discount popup for your homepage and an informational popup about shipping at your cart page)

Abandoned cart push notifications recovery 

Available from the basic plan and above.

Using push notifications, you can remind your store visitors about products they left in their cart without making a purchase.

Popup templates

Full templates access
Create popups from our most converting Templates 

"Powered by Popify" badge


Design customization

Full customization of popup colors, images, background colors, images text size, and color

Video animated Popups for reviews, recent orders and add to cart events

Full access

Background patterns

Full access

Popup shapes

Full access

Upload popup image and background image

Full access

Recent orders/ add to cart popups

Unlimited recent orders and add carts events

How to upgrade my Popify Plan?

1. Connect to your Wix account.

2. Visit the Apps page:


3. Open Popify app:


4. Select "Plans" from the side-menu:


5. Select the plan you would like to subscribe to.


Increase your conversions with a paid plan:

  • Create kick-ass popups shapes and designs for reviews and recent sales/add to carts:


  • Get full background patterns access:


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