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How to upload an image to my notification?

To enable the "upload image" option and upload your own images for your notifications, follow the guide below. 

1. Click here to Register an account on Publitio (image cloud service)

2. Login to your Popify dashboard account, click on Settings from the side menu and scroll to -> image cloud api settings and paste the api keys and the secret keys from the https://publit.io/dashboard to the Popify dashboard.

3. Click on "save changes".


4. Create a new notification and scroll to the "Image Settings" section.

  1. Click on "Choose File" and select the image you want to use.


6. Click on "Upload image".

Your new image will be uploaded and appear in the notification.

Check this video on how to enable images uploading:

*Important: we do not store any of the images/photos on our servers, we gives you the ability to open account with publit.io and all the images will be stored in your account, publit.io offers a free plan with 10gb storage and 20gb monthly bandwidth, if you pass any of these you will need to upgrade your account.

Click here to check the Publit.io pricing plans

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