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How to pay for the Popify app?

Shopify users:

We use Shopify's Billing System to handle all charges. if you already have a Credit Card linked to your Shopify store, you can install the Popify app and start using it. 

Your billing cycle begins right after you subscribe to any of our paid plans, and you will be able to see all charges in your Shopify dashboard. 

You can read more about App Charges here

Wix users:

The charges are managed through the Wix billing system. Your subscription will be billed using your Wix account, and you can view your invoices on the Wix admin dashboard.

Woocommerce users:

We collaborate with the Paypro Global payment system.

In case you encounter any difficulties regarding payment, kindly access https://payproglobal.com/customer-support and make use of the chat feature to facilitate the paypro team's investigation.

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