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Why my recent sales popups are not showing?

If you created already a recent sales popup and it doesn't appear at your store, please follow these steps:

1. Login to your Popify dashboard.

2. Locate your popup and check if there's a warning message next to it:


3 .If the warning message appears, click on it to see what is the issue

image.pngIf your store doesn't have orders from the last 60 days, the warning will appear and the popup won't show at your store until new orders will be placed.

You can use the add to cart popup events instead or use other popup types.

If the warning message doesn't appear at your dashboard and you still don't see the popups, try to open your store in a new tab on incognito mode and check if you can see the popup.

If you still not able to see the popups, please contact us

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